Arbiter Systems

Arbiter Systems

For precision timing with GPS clocks, and synchronised power measurement with synchrophasor (PMU) compatibility, we recommend and sell the leading products from Arbiter Systems® Inc. They’re designed to help you deliver safe, reliable and economical power to end users through professional monitoring, measurement and analysis of power system performance.

Based in the US, Arbiter Systems manufactures products for applications, such as:

  • Synchrophasor measurements
  • Synchronized power measurements
  • Computer network time synchronization (via NTP or PTP)
  • Event timing
  • Other electric utility support

We represent the complete Arbiter Systems range in New Zealand. To find out more, check the details of our most popular models below or call us today for expert advice from qualified engineers, as well as pricing and purchase information.



Arbiter Systems selected products


Arbiter GPS Clock

 GPS based precision timing clocks

Arbiter clocks are based on highly configurable designs, supporting multiple connector types, high drive outputs, fibre optic support, and NTP server time management, among other features. In a rack, on the desktop or outdoors, Arbiter clocks fit seamlessly into your environment. Millions of up-time operating hours prove their reliability and most clocks are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original owner/purchaser.



Arbiter Power Sentinel

 Synchronised power measurement

These products feature synchrophasor measurement (PMU) compatible technology. Built for progressive electric industry professionals, Models 1133A and 933A support synchrophasors, power quality monitoring, system control and monitoring, GPS synchronization, revenue metering, data and event logging and related technologies in a single package.


For more products, please visit the Arbiter Systems website.