Backup Power for Gas Water Heaters

This special backup power supply for gas heaters and gas water heaters is ideal for locations with poor power quality or regular power cuts. Like the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) used for computer and alarm systems, it automatically switches to a rechargeable maintenance-free battery whenever there is a power blackout or brownout.

Why do I need backup power for gas systems?

Gas heaters and gas water heaters often require electrical power to provide the spark for gas ignition, as well as running an electronic controller and small internal fan. In the event of a total power failure (blackout), as there is no electrical power available to ignite the gas, there simply will be no heat or hot water. The Enertec SPS 320, apart from cleaning the power, charges its own batteries, keeping them ready for the next power failure (blackout or brownout event).

Product details

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