Battery Monitoring (BMS)


The Ablerex Enerbatt 3G battery monitoring system (BMS) makes it easy to capture important battery bank monitoring parameters in real time.




Flexible scalability

The system includes individual battery monitors that communicate with an RF receiver connected to a central data collector. You can measure up to 500 nodes (batteries) and have up to 16 RF receivers each associated with a local battery bank. The data collector unit can be linked via an Ethernet cable to a computer or external memory cards for easy data access and backup security.

Wireless connectivity

Because the individual battery monitors communicate wirelessly to the RF receivers, this system lets you avoid the ongoing cost, complexity and mess of multiple connection cables.

Data collector unit functions

  • Real-time monitoring information and battery testing - battery voltage, battery impedance, string voltage, string current and environment temperature
  • Graphic data display - curve, bar graph, average
  • Events log - alarms via email and dry contact
  • Sensor network management - battery configuration and network parameter settings


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VRLA Batteries

If you’re looking for a reliable VRLA battery (sealed battery) we sell a range of sizes designed for maintenance-free battery operation in uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems. Our high-quality UPS batteries have a high power density for reliability and a long service life.

Proven in the UPS systems we supply and service

All UPS systems supplied by us come with batteries already fitted, unless you’d prefer otherwise. We test and check all batteries in new systems before installation and offer an ongoing battery test and replacement service.

About VRLA batteries

Commonly known as a maintenance-free battery or sealed battery, VRLA batteries are a type of rechargeable lead-acid battery. They have a sealed construction so you don’t have to top up the battery water or acid, and they can be mounted upright or on any side. The letters VRLA stand for valve-regulated lead-acid, which refers to safety valves that prevent hydrogen and oxygen gas (from the water) leaving the cell unless the pressure becomes excessive.