Garage catches fire after lightning strike in Christchurch

3rd November 2016

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Lyndal Clark

A view of lightning striking the central city from Huntsbury Hill.



Bands of heavy rain sweep across Christchurch in this view from Victoria Park on the Port Hills.




A cyclist battles hail and heavy rain on Colombo St on Thursday afternoon.






A thunderstorm has struck Canterbury, with a garage ablaze after lightning hit a nearby tree.

A Fire Service spokesman said a garage was on fire at a property on Florida St, Hornby. It was only one weather-related call so far.

The spokesman said a witness reported lightning striking a nearby tree which then dropped onto the garage.

The fire was not threatening any neighbouring properties.

MetService had forecast a high of 20 degrees Celsius for Christchurch with fine spells and showers, and possible heavy thunder in the afternoon.

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Enertec Joins Forces With Helios Power Solutions

1st November 2016

We are delighted to announce that as of 1 November 2016, Enertec Power Solutions Ltd will become part of Helios Power Solutions Ltd (formerly Innovative Energies Ltd) in Auckland.

With the addition of the Enertec product range and their highly qualified staff, Helios will be able to provide an unmatched range of industrial power solutions to the NZ market.

All of the current Enertec staff will be joining the new entity, and customers and suppliers can expect the same high same high level of service, and to deal with the same people they do at present. Both companies have been in existence for around 30 years, and focus on technical strength, high service and quality levels, and innovative solutions to industrial power requirements.

New products include the Riello range of AC UPS from Italy, Ablerex AC UPS and battery monitoring systems, Erico lightning and surge protection equipment, and a range of other industrial power products.

All of these are backed up by qualified service personnel, and the ability to commit to long term service agreements.

These products and services are complementary to the current Helios offer, and the combined technical depth of the business is unmatched in NZ.

In addition, we will now be able to provide improved service levels to the whole country, with increased technical sales resources in Auckland, and people on the ground in Wellington and Christchurch.

Helios Power Solutions is 100% NZ owned, and includes the NZ business, and operations in Sydney and Singapore. Taspac Energy is an associated company based in Henderson that focusses on distribution of leading products for the solar industry.

Cromwell lightning strikes

18th February 2016

Lightning damages South Island buildings – YES it does happen here, so we have lightning protection solutions for you

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July 2015

This years’ ECANZ Canterbury & Westland Electrical Industry Trade Show is starting on 23rd July and will take place, as usually, at the Addington Raceway in Christchurch from 9am to 7.30pm.

This year we will be highlighting our range of UPSs, lightning and surge protection, power factor correction and active harmonic filters products.

We welcome all Enertec clients, suppliers and friends to come and meet us at our stand. Our Director, Richard Walker will be available to help you with all your enquiries. It will also be a great opportunity for you to meet our new Enertec Christchurch Branch Manager, Martin Lammers.

2 June - Storm

2nd June 2015

(…)Auckland and Northland were hammered by the storm, which saw a hospital hit by lightning, flights affected, and power cut to 500 homes in Auckland.

The savage thunderstorm began on Tuesday afternoon and was all over in a couple of hours.

A thunderstorm warning was issued by the MetService. reported that lightning was "almost non-stop" over the Waitakere Ranges(…)

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Enertec at WET 2015

May 2015

We took part in the Master Electricians Waikato Electrical Tradeshow 2015. It took place on 27-28 May, and, same as last year, the exhibition was in the Cloudelands Centre in Hamilton.

This time we focused our exhibition on the range of Riello UPSs we have on offer. Our Directors, Wayne and Richard, as well as our Service Manager, Gary, were there to share their knowledge and advice.

We are hoping that the Tradeshow will grow bigger and better in the years to come, and we anticipate taking part in it in the future.


May 2015

The Earth cops 4 million lightning strikes a day but understanding their energy and the impact of the accompanying thunder has challenged scientists and meteorologists for centuries.

In an experiment mimicking elements of Benjamin Franklin's famous kite flying in a thunderstorm...

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April 2014

Multi Power UPS modular system can scale from 42kW to 1176kW

The Multi Power UPS is a modular, three-phase, double conversion uninterruptible power supply system capable of supporting power densities of up to 400kW per square meter - making it suitable for latest high-density servers.

Each Multi Power module can independently support loads of up to 42kW. Up to 28 hot-swappable modules can be used in a single Multi Power UPS system for a combined load reaching impressive 1176kW.

The modular approach makes advanced N+2 redundancy more affordable.

Riello’s latest UPS can maintain up to 96.5 percent efficiency in online mode of operation, even at loads as low as 20 percent. It features a colour touch-enabled display on the front of the rack, which offers instant visibility into the health of UPS modules and batteries. Control of the system is de-centralized – so if the screen fails, the PSU will continue operating as normal.

“The modern data center not only has to ensure constant availability but also has to meet a number of other driving factors such as carbon reduction and profitability targets. At Riello, we took this on board and set a mission to develop an outstanding modular solution which is perfect for meeting the power demands of the modern data center,” said Leo Craig, general manager of Riello UPS Ltd.       

Multi Power UPS - Watch promotional video

January 2015

Riello announces the launch of brand new Riello UPS 160 to 200 kVA Multi Sentry models. These products enlarge the current three phase, transformer less 10-120 kVA Multi Sentry range. The range now covers 12 different power ratings: 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160, 200 kVA.

New Multi Sentry 160 to 200 kVA products highlights

  • kW = kVA  (output pf =1); higher  active  power availability (+11%  compare  to UPS with pf 0,9)
  • Very high efficiency (>96%); three-level NPC inverter  grants  an  overall  UPS efficiency greater than 96%
  • Smart ventilation (saving energy and reduce noise); it manages the number of operating fans and their speed according with room temperature and load level

November 2014

Striking Rise In Lightning Forecast

Lightning strikes will likely increase by nearly 50 per cent by the end of the century as the world gets warmer and wetter, a new study says. Read about this prediction in the New Zealand Herald article. One inference that may be drawn from it is that relying on historical thunderstorm activity records and lightning protection practices may result in having inadequate protection installed for the future. Get well protected with ERITECH lightning protection solutions from Enertec Power Solutions.

14th August 2014

Since 2003 travelers between Wellington airport and the city have had their trip made more interesting while passing the Zephyrometer but this afternoon it was virtually destroyed by a bolt of lightning which is shown in this video on the Stuff News website.

July 2014

Again we see another damaging lightning incident which supports the case for considering lightning protection.

Stuff News 3rd July 2014: “South Auckland residents had a narrow escape last night after a series of lightning strikes left walls damaged, windows shattered and a bed burnt. …..”

June 2014

A surveillance video caught the remarkable sight of a lightning bolt hitting a truck as it drove on a highway in Edmonton, Canada.

The couple inside the truck, Al and Betty Perry, told Canada's CTV it sounded like a "sonic boom" when the lightning hit the truck.

A fireball enveloped the truck, melting part of the metal and burning away two craters into the road.

The Perry's were trapped inside, unable to open the doors or windows, which seemed locked, as smoke filled the inside of the cab.

"It's an awful feeling to have. I saw our lives passing in front of our eyes," Al Perry told CTV. "I turned my body and put my two feet up against the window and tried to kick the window out. I can't tell you how many times I tried and tried and tried."

Thankfully, a nearby cop saw the couple and helped rescue them from the truck.

23 May 2014

Lightning caused a fire that has destroyed the remote Paradise Homestead near Queenstown

Lightning protection precautions may have prevented this – please talk to us about your requirements.

Garage catches fire after lightning strike in Christchurch