With the support of our product manufacturers, we provide design services for many of our solutions. This includes lightning protection systems, earthing/grounding systems, appropriate surge protection configuration, power factor correction sizing, and UPS sizing and configuration.

Our design services may be based on a simple site inspection, or additional measurements such as power/load monitoring (for UPSs and power factor correction) and ground resistivity (for earthing systems). Our expert design service is often included as part of the sales process for simpler requirements, but we can also provide stand-alone designs. 

Helios specialises in:

- UPS, PFC, AHF/APF system design

- Lightning protection and grounding/earthing system design

- AS/NZS 1768:2007 lightning protection standards compliance

- Risk assessment, inspection and lightning protection site surveys

- Ground resistivity testing


For expert system design advice from qualified engineers, please call us today.