Direct Strike Protection


When it comes to lightning protection, we recommend the ERITECH® systems from ERICO. The System 2000 with conventional lightning rod protection is based on AS/NZS 1768:2007, whereas the System 3000 for enhanced protection is based on the latest research and technology, such as the DYNASPHERE air terminal and ERICORE® downconductor.


System 2000


  • Based on standards compliant products - AS/NZS 1768:2007
  • Quality controlled raw materials are precision manufactured to ensure easy assembly and installation
  • Wide range of air terminals, bases, conductors, connectors and fasteners available
  • Air termination components and fittings are available in copper, aluminium and alloys 
  • Downconductors are available in tape or woven round copper, tinned copper, or aluminium. PVC coating is also available
  • Full range of grounding, bonding and surge protection products available


  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Residential

ERITECH® SYSTEM 2000 components:

ERITECH Air Terminal

Air terminals

Rods/spikes and accessories

Smoothweave Cable


25x3 tape and Smooth Weave woven cable

Cable Splicer

Mounting hardware

Connectors and fasteners (including adhesive fixings to avoid roof penetration that could cause leakage, corrosion and void warranties)


System 3000


  • Advanced proprietary lightning system based on latest lightning research and technology
  • Enhanced area of protection and computer aided design enables optimal protection of the most critical part of your facility
  • Location of air terminal(s) on structure is determined using LPSD, ERICO's proprietary Lightning Protection System Designer package
  • Collection Volume design principle used by LPSD resulting in the most effective lightning protection coverage
  • Economical and easy to install


The System 3000 can be used wherever there is the possibility of direct lightning strikes that may affect valuable equipment and/or facilities. This includes railroads, communications towers, television stations, oil/gas platforms, high rise buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, and explosive/volatile fuels storage areas.

The system is particularly suited to applications that require the benefit of an isolated protection system. 

ERITECH® SYSTEM 3000 components:

Eritech Dynasphere

Dynasphere air terminal

Non-radioactive terminal manufactured from high quality, non-corrosive materials

Ericore Downconductor

Ericore downconductor

Purpose-designed shielded downconductor reduces the risk of side-flashing and safely conducts lightning energy to ground

Lightning Event Counter

Lightning counter

Automatically registers lightning strikes, thus proving the efficiency of your system

Mounting Bracket

Mounting hardware

Brackets, fixings, saddles and other

Grounding system

Purpose-designed low-impedance system to safely disperse lightning energy  


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