For well-regulated DC power supplies, AC to DC converters and associated equipment we recommend and sell the Kepco range of trusted high-quality products.

With headquarters in Flushing, New York USA, Kepco has pioneered the development of modern power supplies since the company was established in 1946. Today, the facility holds ISO 9001 certification and produces over 2,000 different power supplies.

We are the New Zealand agents for Kepco and supply their full range of products. To learn more, please see the selected range below or call us today for expert advice from our qualified engineers, as well as pricing and supply information.

Kepco products

Kepco specialises in digital and analog-controlled fast-programmable AC to DC converters. Their extensive range features:

  • 1, 2, or 4-quadrant (bipolar) outputs
  • Digital control is supported using SCPI:
    • Ethernet (LXI)
    • GPIB (IEEE 488.2)
    • RS 232
    • IVI-COM
    • LabView G
    • VXIplug&play
  • Industrial and OEM modular power supplies
  • DIN rail-mountable
  • Single and multi-output
  • Current share for hot-swap and n+1 redundancy


Selected product ranges:

BOP Kepco



BOP Series - Bipolar Operational Power Supply




BOPs are high-speed power operational amplifiers that can be used to provide dynamically agile voltage for test and simulation. They are not general purpose power supplies. By the nature of the bipolar high speed design, they do not have any energy-storage noise discriminating output capacitors. These power supplies offer ultra-low noise and ultra-low ripple at the output.


 Electronic Load Kepco

EL Series - Electronic Load


The EL series is a line of modular air-cooled, DC electronic loads used to test power sources, such as batteries, power supplies, generators, chargers and fuel cells.

Single channel model power ratings start at 1KW; standard models have maximum test capabilities of 50, 200, 400 and 600 volts. High current and power operation are achieved via parallel connection in a master/slave configuration. Individual modules are capable of up to 5KW and 800 amperes.

The dual channel models include two completely independent 1KW loads in a single chassis. These can be conveniently arranged in master/slave configuration for 2KW capability when needed.


For more products, please visit the KEPCO website.