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Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Helios represents Riello UPS, Ablerex and ERICO systems. We also distribute Ampcontrol, Captech, Kepco and Arbiter. 


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Spectacular thunder and lightning storm over Auckland and Northland

2 June - Storm

2nd June 2015

(…)Auckland and Northland were hammered by the storm, which saw a hospital hit by lightning, flights affected, and power cut to 500 homes in Auckland.

The savage thunderstorm began on Tuesday afternoon and was all over in a couple of hours.

A thunderstorm warning was issued by the MetService. reported that lightning was "almost non-stop" over the Waitakere Ranges(…)

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Enertec at Waikato Electrical Tradeshow 2015

Enertec at WET 2015

May 2015

We took part in the Master Electricians Waikato Electrical Tradeshow 2015. It took place on 27-28 May, and, same as last year, the exhibition was in the Cloudelands Centre in Hamilton.

This time we focused our exhibition on the range of Riello UPSs we have on offer. Our Directors, Wayne and Richard, as well as our Service Manager, Gary, were there to share their knowledge and advice.

We are hoping that the Tradeshow will grow bigger and better in the years to come, and we anticipate taking part in it in the future.

This is what thunder looks like


May 2015

The Earth cops 4 million lightning strikes a day but understanding their energy and the impact of the accompanying thunder has challenged scientists and meteorologists for centuries.

In an experiment mimicking elements of Benjamin Franklin's famous kite flying in a thunderstorm...

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Riello UPS launched Multi Power, its most advanced power supply yet!

April 2014

Multi Power UPS modular system can scale from 42kW to 1176kW

The Multi Power UPS is a modular, three-phase, double conversion uninterruptible power supply system capable of supporting power densities of up to 400kW per square meter - making it suitable for latest high-density servers.

Each Multi Power module can independently support loads of up to 42kW. Up to 28 hot-swappable modules can be used in a single Multi Power UPS system for a combined load reaching impressive 1176kW.

The modular approach makes advanced N+2 redundancy more affordable.

Riello’s latest UPS can maintain up to 96.5 percent efficiency in online mode of operation, even at loads as low as 20 percent. It features a colour touch-enabled display on the front of the rack, which offers instant visibility into the health of UPS modules and batteries. Control of the system is de-centralized – so if the screen fails, the PSU will continue operating as normal.

“The modern data center not only has to ensure constant availability but also has to meet a number of other driving factors such as carbon reduction and profitability targets. At Riello, we took this on board and set a mission to develop an outstanding modular solution which is perfect for meeting the power demands of the modern data center,” said Leo Craig, general manager of Riello UPS Ltd.       

Multi Power UPS - Watch promotional video