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Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Helios represents Riello UPS, Ablerex and ERICO systems. We also distribute Ampcontrol, Captech, Kepco and Arbiter. 


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Riello announces brand new UPS models - 160 to 200 kVA Multi Sentry

January 2015

Riello announces the launch of brand new Riello UPS 160 to 200 kVA Multi Sentry models. These products enlarge the current three phase, transformer less 10-120 kVA Multi Sentry range. The range now covers 12 different power ratings: 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160, 200 kVA.

New Multi Sentry 160 to 200 kVA products highlights

  • kW = kVA  (output pf =1); higher  active  power availability (+11%  compare  to UPS with pf 0,9)
  • Very high efficiency (>96%); three-level NPC inverter  grants  an  overall  UPS efficiency greater than 96%
  • Smart ventilation (saving energy and reduce noise); it manages the number of operating fans and their speed according with room temperature and load level

Striking Rise In Lightning Forecast

November 2014

Striking Rise In Lightning Forecast

Lightning strikes will likely increase by nearly 50 per cent by the end of the century as the world gets warmer and wetter, a new study says. Read about this prediction in the New Zealand Herald article. One inference that may be drawn from it is that relying on historical thunderstorm activity records and lightning protection practices may result in having inadequate protection installed for the future. Get well protected with ERITECH lightning protection solutions from Enertec Power Solutions.

Lightning destroys prominent sculpture in Wellington

14th August 2014

Since 2003 travelers between Wellington airport and the city have had their trip made more interesting while passing the Zephyrometer but this afternoon it was virtually destroyed by a bolt of lightning which is shown in this video on the Stuff News website.

Another serious incidence of lightning damage in New Zealand

July 2014

Again we see another damaging lightning incident which supports the case for considering lightning protection.

Stuff News 3rd July 2014: “South Auckland residents had a narrow escape last night after a series of lightning strikes left walls damaged, windows shattered and a bed burnt. …..”