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At Helios we do more than simply provide you with the superior power quality systems you need. We offer design, installation, maintenance, training and project management services. Our knowledge of power solutions runs deep, because we’re all electrical engineers with specific specialties and real-world experience. Your challenge is our challenge; together we’ll come up with the best way forward.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Helios represents Riello UPS, Ablerex and ERICO systems. We also distribute Ampcontrol, Captech, Kepco and Arbiter. 


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Remarkable Video Of Lightning Striking A Moving Vehicle

June 2014

A surveillance video caught the remarkable sight of a lightning bolt hitting a truck as it drove on a highway in Edmonton, Canada.

The couple inside the truck, Al and Betty Perry, told Canada's CTV it sounded like a "sonic boom" when the lightning hit the truck.

A fireball enveloped the truck, melting part of the metal and burning away two craters into the road.

The Perry's were trapped inside, unable to open the doors or windows, which seemed locked, as smoke filled the inside of the cab.

"It's an awful feeling to have. I saw our lives passing in front of our eyes," Al Perry told CTV. "I turned my body and put my two feet up against the window and tried to kick the window out. I can't tell you how many times I tried and tried and tried."

Thankfully, a nearby cop saw the couple and helped rescue them from the truck.

The risks from lightning are very real, even in New Zealand

23 May 2014

Lightning caused a fire that has destroyed the remote Paradise Homestead near Queenstown

Lightning protection precautions may have prevented this – please talk to us about your requirements.

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