Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Parts

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Improve the efficiency of your power systems, reduce power bills and avoid power factor penalties from electricity suppliers.

We supply power factor correction products from Ampcontrol and Captech, leading PFC device specialists. We also supply components for PFC systems, including Frako capacitors, Eco-Cap capacitors, PFC reactors and PFC controllers; plus capacitors for other applications, such as electrical motors.

Check our range of quality PFC products below or call us today for expert advice from qualitied engineers.

Benefits of power factor correction

  • Reduced power factor tariffs and penalties on your electricity bill
  • Increased available load/equipment capacity
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Improved quality of electrical supply
  • Reduced greenhouse emissions
  • Extended working life of plant machinery

What is a power factor?

Put simply, the power factor describes how efficiently power is being used.  It’s expressed as a ratio of the useable (productive) power to the total power supplied by the electricity company. So a power factor of 1 or 100% is the most efficient, 0.90 is 90% efficient and so on.

Things like electric motors for example, store some of the supplied energy in magnetic fields. Although this energy doesn’t get used productively by the motor, it’s still adding to the current running through your system and  the power company still has to recover the costs of providing it. Many power companies also charge an ‘inefficiency penalty’ based on a customer’s power factor.

In addition, the out of sync back and forth flow of this unproductive energy can interfere with the quality of the system’s AC electrical supply.

Correcting a poor power factor

Power factor correction equipment maximises the efficiency of an electrical system. As a simplified example, large capacitors can be used to store and release energy exactly out of time with the storing and releasing of energy in the magnetic fields of AC motors. This allows the unproductive energy to flow back and forth between the capacitors and the motor, rather than main electricity supply. The overall result is a much more efficient system.


PFC systems and parts  

Mini Var

Mini Var 

Power factor correction in cabinets; 20 - 60 kVAr

 Eco Var

Eco Var

Power factor correction in modules; 100 - 350 kVAr


Power factor components

Including capacitors, reactors, contactors and controllers


Frako and Eco-Cap capacitors

Long life, high quality and high performance

 Medium Voltage Capacitors


For other electrical applications including motors


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