Lightning & Surge Protection

Protect your buildings and electrical equipment with lightning protection and surge protection from ERICO. Engineered to last, ERICO’s protection systems can be trusted to help prevent fires, structural damage to buildings and catastrophic failure of sensitive electronic, computer and telephone systems.

Earthing / Grounding


Earthing / Grounding

Protect your buildings, equipment and people with innovative, efficient grounding and bonding products manufactured by ERICO. 

Power Distribution Block


Power Distribution Blocks

For safe, easy connections in your control panels, we recommend and supply the trusted ERICO range of power distribution blocks and terminal blocks.




Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

We provide innovative, well-engineered solutions that won’t let you down, from offline UPS battery power backup, to line-interactive UPS and sophisticated double-conversion online UPS power supply systems.

Master Switch


Transfer Systems

We represent the Italian Riello range of high-quality transfer systems in New Zealand. These systems include intelligent multi switch and static bypass switching devices for single phase and three phase power protection.

Battery Monitoring


Battery Monitoring System (BMS) & VRLA Batteries

The Ablerex Enerbat 3G battery monitoring system (BMS) makes it easy to capture important battery bank monitoring parameters in real time.



Power Factor Correction (PFC) & Parts

Improve the efficiency of your power systems, reduce power bills and avoid power factor penalties from electricity suppliers.

Active Harmonic Filter


Active Harmonic Filter (AHF)

Also known as active power filters (APFs), AHFs are designed to cancel harmonic currents. As a result, AHFs improve power quality, reduce equipment heating, and avoid unwanted torque pulses in motors and malfunctions in variable speed drives.


Flywheel and SuperCaps UPS

The SuperCaps UPS and MasterVDC flywheel solutions are battery-free uninterruptible power supplies. Energy is stored in the electric fields of capacitors or the rotational kinetic energy of frictionless bearing flywheels spinning in a vacuum.

Arbiter Systems


Arbiter Systems

For precision timing with GPS clocks, and synchronised power measurement with synchrophasor (PMU) compatibility, we recommend and sell the leading products from Arbiter Systems® Inc. They’re designed to help you deliver safe, reliable and economical power to end users through professional monitoring, measurement and analysis of power system performance.


Kepco Power Supply

For well-regulated DC power supplies, AC to DC converters and associated equipment we recommend and sell the Kepco range of trusted high-quality products.

SPS 320


Backup Power for Gas Water Heaters

This special backup power supply for gas heaters and gas water heaters is ideal for locations with poor power quality or regular power cuts. Like the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) used for computer and alarm systems,