Flywheel and SuperCaps UPS

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The SuperCaps UPS and MasterVDC flywheel solutions are battery-free uninterruptible power supplies. Energy is stored in the electric fields of capacitors or the rotational kinetic energy of frictionless bearing flywheels spinning in a vacuum. They’re increasingly attractive options for clients focused on environmental and sustainability goals.

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Product examples

SuperCaps UPS

 SuperCaps UPS

Developed by Riello UPS, the SuperCaps uninterruptible power supply uses super capacitors to accumulate energy instead of conventional batteries.

SuperCaps UPS provide greater energy efficiency, lower costs and reduced footprints - ideal for installations where floor space is at a premium. SuperCaps UPS do not have batteries and therefore provide long-term savings in terms of battery supply, installation, monitoring, maintenance, replacement and recycling costs.

SuperCaps UPS is an ideal solution for mission-critical installations that are particularly sensitive to short power supply interruptions.


Master VDC - Flywheel

 Master VDC - Flywheel solution


The Master VDC is a scalable system with one or more UPS units and VDC or VDC-XE flywheels. It’s ideal for modern ECO targeted data centres looking to achieve the lowest possible power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratios and highest levels of reliability.

A single flywheel module provides sufficient runtime for the start-up of a local standby generator to power the UPS, which then provides a continuous quality power supply.

VDC flywheel systems are available in two models, VDC standard and VDC-XE, which provides superior performance for very short and very high power discharges.

VDC series flywheels store kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass (spinning at 36,000 RPM) within a vacuum-sealed container. The VDC build technology includes a rotor made from aerospace-grade steel, a high-speed permanent magnet motor/generator and contact-free magnetic bearings that levitate and sustain the rotor during operation with no mechanical friction.

These technical features allow VDC models to achieve very high levels of efficiency.


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