Surge Protection


For cost-effective risk management and unrivalled peace of mind, talk to us about power surge protection products from ERICO. With appropriate power surge protectors and surge diverters in place, you can avoid the devastating and expensive damage a power spike from any source can cause.

ERICO’s surge protection devices protect against damaging electrical surges on power and communications lines caused by lightning, industrial machinery and other switching events.

Avoiding weak links

We recommend a coordinated approach to surge protection. The first stage of defence is installing primary protection devices at the mains supply service entrance. This should be followed by secondary protection at distribution branch panels and where necessary, at point-of-use applications, such as power outlets for electronic equipment.

We also recognise the need to provide effective surge protection on cables supplying telecommunications, signal and data management equipment.

The right level of investment

Compared to sensitive electronics, robust equipment such as lighting and air conditioning is not as vulnerable to power surges and is typically less essential to a site’s operation. However, significant damage can occur to any system from surges caused by lightning within a radius of several kilometres, or from switching induced surges.

The impact can range from damaged electrical or electronic systems to data loss, equipment destruction or injury to personnel. While the cost of replacing some equipment may be relatively minor, the cost of losing an essential service or the revenues associated with a facility or plant because it was shut down can be enormous. 

For expert advice on all levels of surge protection and products you can trust, please call us today.


Quality surge protection products

AC Power Surge Protection

Designed for electrical service panels, motor control and other switchboards.

A. Din Rail Mounted


TDS - Transient Discriminating Surge Diverters


DSD - Dinline Surge Diverters


Spark Gap Diverters


Surge filters - TDF, DSF and DFM series

B. Externally Mounted Surge Diverters


SES - Service Entrance Suppressors


SRF - Surge Reduction Filter


TDX - Transient Discriminating panel protectors


TSG-SRF - Triggered Spark Gap Surge Reduction Filter


TDS MT - Transient Discriminating MOVTEC

Data and Signal Surge Protection; Accessories

Co-axial protection

Co-axial protection

Economical and reliable protection from transients on coaxial antenna RF feeders cables, cable/satellite/antenna TV and security camera circuits

Local Area Network Protection

Data/signalling protection

Data signaling, low voltage power supply and Ethernet protection applications

Loadcell Protection LCP

Load Cell protection

Protects load cells in weigh bridges, scales, cranes, silos and other industrial weight measurement systems. Can be used on any strain gauge system

High Speed Data Line Protector

Telephone protection

Hardwired, RJ plug connected and Krone LSA block protection modules for telephone and high speed data services

Enhanced Powerline Filter

Office equipment protection

ERICO's range of solutions for point-of-use protection includes combination AC plug-in and telephone/data protection products

Potential Equalization Clamp

PEC - Potential Equalisation Clamp

Used to minimise damage in applications where separated ground systems are required. Suitable for use in explosion hazard areas, such as the protection of pipeline insulated joints


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