Transfer Systems

Riello UPS

We represent the Italian Riello range of high-quality transfer systems in New Zealand. These systems include intelligent Multi Switch and static bypass switching devices for single phase and three phase power protection

Protection against power supply failures

Riello transfer systems provide instantaneous or significantly reduced switching times between two power inputs when either source falls outside specifications.

Protection against load faults

If one of the loads has a failure, such as a short circuit, Riello transfer systems disconnect the load to prevent others being switched off.

Interfaces for remote control and monitoring

The more sophisticated Riello Master systems enable manual switching between inputs either directly or through remote software. On board and remote interfaces can also be used for rapid and intuitive monitoring of supply readings, switch status and environmental conditions.

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Multi Switch 16A

 Multi Switch 16A


Multi Switch ATS

 Multi Switch ATS

 Master Switch 1ph

 Master Switch Single Phase 32-120A

 Master Switch 3ph

 Master Switch Three Phase 100-600A

 Master Static Bypass

 Master Static Bypass 800-3000kVA



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