UPS Hire

Extensive product range

We sell, rent and lease a complete range of high-quality single and three-phase UPS systems that incorporate the latest innovative technologies. Our range includes offline UPS battery power backup, line-interactive UPS and sophisticated double-conversion online UPS power supply systems.

Short and long-term options

Whether you’re interested in a short-term solution to cover the replacement of a faulty system, a temporary UPS system for a project, or a long-term lease because that suits your cash flow, we’re here to help.

Full service

With Helios you get the benefit of our experience and expertise in UPS systems. Our qualified engineers can help with selecting the right system for your needs, installation, initial testing and ongoing routine monitoring and maintenance.

To hire or lease a UPS system that comes with proven expertise, please call us today.

The Helios advantage

- Advice and support of qualified engineers, from product selection to installation and maintenance

- Training and technical support options

- Single phase and three-phase solutions

- Complete range of power outputs

- Exceptional value with short-term rental to long-term leasing options